Racing at Balmain Sailing Club

Balmain Sailing Club runs a full racing calendar throughout the year, with Summer, Winter and Spring series, along with Summer Twilights (pre- and post-Christmas), a number of non point-score races and a Friday afternoon series.

Many of our skippers are often looking for additional crew.  if you are an experienced sailor looking for a regular ride or If you would like to sail in a race to find out if you like crewing, we'd love to hear from you.

We welcome new boats to join our racing program.  Please visit the Racing Instructions & Courses link in menu or Contact the Club and we'll let you know what you need to do to enter.

If you have any queries please contact the club

General Racing Information

The Balmain Sailing Club currently races two fleets:

  • a keelboat fleet, and
  • a dinghy fleet

The keelboat fleet races as three divisions (A, B & C) in the Friday Twilight Series,  a single division (A) on Sundays over Spring and four divisions during Summer and winter in the Combined Series races, along with boats from Drummoyne Sailing Club & the Greenwich Flying Squardron.

The dinghy fleet races in one division (Division I).

The Racing Committee forms divisions of the fleet according to fleet size, safety considerations, and to ensure reasonable competition.

References to Divisions A ,B & C and Division 1 in  Sailing Instructions apply to subsequently formed divisions.

Race entry procedures

All race entry is via the race entry links on the website.

Boat Registration

Payment of series or annual fees constitutes notification of entry and an intention to race; however, all series and annual entrants are required to display legible sail numbers or insignia, a BSC burgee and be skippered and crewed by current YA members.

While the Sailing Office will be open on race days two hours before the advertised starting time (one hour for twilight races), you can register your intention to race at any time. When you ring around to gather your crew, ring the club as well and leave a message!

As a courtesy to the Starter, series entrants are requested to register their intention to race with the Sailing Office (9810 2086) before the start of each race.

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